DIY Roof Replacement vs. Professional Roof Replacement

March 28, 2023

DIY Roof Replacement vs. Professional Roof Replacement

You might think that you’ll save money by DIYing your roof repairs or roof replacement rather than using a roofing contractor, but you might end up putting your safety in jeopardy, as well as spending more time, money, and effort than you expected. A poorly completed roofing job can also affect the structural integrity of your home; increase your risk of problems like leaks, mildew, mold, cracking, and water damage/buildup; and end up affecting your family’s health and safety. Here’s a look at what you should know about DIYing roof replacement rather than Googling “roofing company near me in Bel Air, Maryland.” 

Roofing Work Is Dangerous & Unpredictable

One of the reasons that roofing contractors undergo such extensive training and gain so much experience before they are qualified to complete roof repairs and roof replacements is because roofing work is very complex. A roof repair or roof replacement isn’t a cookie cutter job – there are a lot of variables you might encounter when you get up on the roof and start working. If you don’t have the skills, training, experience, and equipment to handle any issue that might come up, you risk damaging your roof further, injuring yourself, or putting your family’s safety on the line. 

You Need Specialized Tools & Equipment for Roofing Jobs

In order to fix most roofing problems yourself, you will need to use specialized tools and equipment. You will also have to purchase roofing materials yourself. This may end up being more expensive than using a roofing company. A roofing company can buy materials wholesale or at special, discounted pricing that you won’t have access to. A roofing contractor also already has the tools and equipment they need to do the job quickly, safely, and correctly. When you DIY a roof repair or roof replacement, you’re starting from scratch. The cost of buying the materials and tools, and buying or leasing the equipment, might end up being close to what you’d pay to have a professional roofing contractor do the job for you. 

If You Make a Mistake, You Risk Your Health & Safety

Any mistakes you make while you’re DIYing a roof replacement can put your health and safety – as well as the health and safety of your family – in jeopardy. Even a small mistake can turn into a larger one, and eventually you will need to contact a roofing company to fix your mistakes. This means that in the end, you’ll spend even more money, time, and effort than you would have if you had hired a roofing contractor to begin with. 

If You Cause Damages, You Have to Pay to Have Them Repaired

If you cause any damage to your roof while completing roofing repairs or replacement, you will be responsible for fixing them out of pocket. If you hire a roofing contractor from a reputable roofing company, the work will be covered by the company’s insurance and bond. If the roofing contractor causes damage to your home or property, or sustains injuries while completing your roof replacement, the roofing company’s insurance will cover the cost. 

You Might Miss Out on Manufacturer’s Warranties or Affect Your Home Insurance

Completing a roof replacement yourself may affect your home insurance policy. Many insurance policies have specific conditions regarding home repairs, and may specify that a roof replacement can only be completed by a licensed, bonded roofing contractor. Completing a roof replacement yourself may also nullify the manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing materials you purchase. Be sure to read through your policy carefully and speak to your insurance representative before beginning any complex home repair job on your own.

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