Roof Replacement: Your Most Important Home Maintenance Project

May 3, 2023

Why is Your Roof the Most Important Part of Your Home?

When considering roof replacement most homeowners recognize the importance of their home’s roof, but they may not understand the full extent to which the roof provides structural support for the whole house. Not only does the roof keep your home safe and protected, it also maintains the structural stability of the home’s walls, foundation, and floors. When your roof is in poor shape, the entire safety and stability of your home is threatened. The longer you wait to consult with a roof contractor or invest in a roof replacement, the more damage your home will sustain. Here’s a deeper look at why that is.

Protects Your Home From Weather

The primary purpose of shingle roofs throughout time has been to protect the interior of the home from weather conditions. When civilizations first began constructing sophisticated forms of shelter, it was to keep themselves safe, warm, and dry despite the weather outside. To this day, the foremost function of your roof is to make sure that rain, snow, wind, heat, and sun don’t damage your home or affect your health, safety, and comfort. When your roof isn’t properly maintained, weather damage can cause serious problems inside your house. A roof contractor can quickly determine if damage to your roof requires roof repairs or roof replacement.

Offers Structural Protection

Another key function of your home’s roof is to provide structural support to the whole house. The roof holds the whole home together. If your home didn’t have a roof, your walls would fall down, and your lighting, plumbing, and other features would cease to exist. If you notice any structural damage to your shingle roof, you should call a roof contractor right away. He or she can determine if you need a roof replacement or repairs.

Provides Insulation

A shingle roof also offers insulation from the elements. If your roof is well-maintained and constructed, its insulation serves as a barrier against extreme outdoor temperatures. One of the first signs that you need to contact a roof contractor for an inspection of your roof is if you notice the temperature inside your home is starting to match the temperature outside your home.

Increases Your Home’s Property Value

Your roof also increases your home’s property value. If your roof is poorly maintained or damaged, the value of your home will plummet dramatically. By keeping up with roofing maintenance and repairs, you’re also maintaining your investment in your home. Roof maintenance extends the lifespan of your roof, and guarantees that it will continue to protect your home and family. If you plan on selling your home, hiring a roof contractor for roof replacement will help your home sell faster, and for a bigger profit.

Maintains Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Another key reason that you should keep up with roof maintenance and repairs is because it helps maintain your home’s energy efficiency. When your roof is healthy and well cared for, your energy bills will be lower. Your heating and cooling system won’t need to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. A damaged shingle roof means that there are air leaks that affect how well the heating and cooling system works. You’ll notice your energy bills increasing, and certain areas of your home will not feel comfortable.

Protects Your Home From Animals & Pests

A telltale sign that you have a roofing problem is the presence of animals and pests in your home. Holes or damage in your roof make a great entry point for rodents, birds, insects, and other wildlife. Animal and pest infestation can destroy your home’s insulation, wiring, walls, flooring, and wood. This will eventually affect the overall structural integrity of your home, and can cause health problems as well. As soon as you notice any damage to your roof or signs of pest problems, you should call a roof contractor for repairs.

Adds to the Aesthetic of Your Home

When your home’s roof is well-maintained and cared for, your home will have greater curb appeal and will look nicer overall. Damage to your roof is immediately noticeable, and will affect the value of your home and how your neighbors and visitors perceive it – and you. As soon as you notice any issues with your shingle roof, call a roof contractor to find out if you need roof replacement or repairs.

Schedule Roof Repairs or Roof Replacement in Churchville, Maryland

If you’ve noticed signs of damage to your roof but are on the fence about whether to call a roof contractor, hopefully this post helped you make the right decision. At Harford Roofing & Exteriors, our team of experienced, highly qualified roof contractors near Churchville, Maryland can inspect and assess your roof to determine if you need roof repairs or a roof replacement. Our goal is to always operate with honesty and integrity, and we will be upfront and transparent about any problems your roof has, and how we can find the most cost-effective solution. To learn more or schedule a roofing assessment, call us today at (443) 292-6020 or request a quote for roof repairs online on our website.