How to Find a Quality Roofing Contractor Near You

March 1, 2023

How to Find a Quality Roofing Contractor Near You

If you need a roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement, you should only use a qualified, experienced, and licensed roof contractor. Using an unlicensed roof contractor can affect your family’s health and safety, violate your homeowner’s insurance policy, and subject you to liability and costly out-of-pocket repairs if roofing problems ensue. Finding the right roof contractor for your needs and budget might seem overwhelming, but these simple tips will help you find a roofing company near you in Harford County, MD.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

The first thing you can do if you need a qualified roof contractor is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Friends and family can provide the names of roof contractors and roof companies that they have personal experience with, and can vouch that they did a good job, were professional and reliable, and didn’t cause any problems. Once you have a few names, look at their websites and confirm that they have experience in the type of roof repairs you need. If a roofing company doesn’t have a website, that may be a sign that they aren’t trustworthy, professional, or experienced. 

Check Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Next, check the roof contractors’ online customer reviews and testimonials. Look out for warning signs, such as customers saying that their repairs weren’t completed in a timely manner, weren’t up to code, didn’t last, or weren’t within the agreed upon scope or contract. One or two negative reviews shouldn’t be concerning as long as the rest of the reviews are positive. However, if you can’t find any customer reviews or if negative reviews are alleging serious offenses, you’d be better off choosing a more reputable roof contractor in your area. You can also ask each roof contractor for references from satisfied customers.

Ask for a Contract

Before doing business with a local roof contractor, you should ask them for a formal contract. The contract should outline the full scope of work, agreed upon price or price range, timeframe, and any guarantees or warranties included. If the roof contractor won’t provide a contract, that’s a bad sign and may indicate that they can’t be trusted. 

Verify They Are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Your roof contractor should be fully licensed, bonded, and insured by the applicable local agencies. You can check your local registrar of contractors to confirm that the roof contractor has a valid, current license. You can also find out if the company or roof contractor has any complaints filed against them. A bond guarantees that even if the roof company goes out of business or there is a problem with their work, the customer can seek restitution from the bond company. The roof contractor should also have general liability, workers’ compensation, and company vehicle insurance. 

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