The Most Common Problems Your Roof Can Face

February 21, 2023

The Most Common Problems Your Roof Can Face

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or have lived there for decades, you know that your home’s roof is one of the most important structures to maintain. Without the right care, maintenance, and roof repairs, you may end up with a dangerous and costly roofing issue down the line. Scheduling regular inspections and assessments from a qualified, experienced roof contractor can reduce your risk of serious roofing issues. Timely roof repairs and maintenance can extend the life of your roof, making it less likely that you’ll need a full roof replacement during your lifetime. You should always keep an eye out for these common roofing problems that might necessitate roof repairs or roof replacement.

Leaks & Standing Water

One of the most common types of roof repairs in Maryland is roof leaks. An untreated roof leak can lead to serious structural damage that may eventually require a full roof replacement. Roof leaks and standing water can also increase the risk of mold and mildew growth, which can significantly affect your family’s health and safety. Airborne mold and mildew spores can cause or exacerbate asthma, allergies, lung problems, and other respiratory issues. Regular roof inspections, particularly after a rainy season or a heavy storm, can detect early warning signs of roof leaks so they can be repaired quickly and effectively. Look for cracked flashing, broken shingles, structural damage to tiles or slate, and standing or dripping water. 

Damaged Shingles and/or Flashing

Another very common roof issue seen in homes around Maryland is damage to shingles and/or flashing. Your roof’s shingles can be damaged by storms, high winds, debris, animals and pests, sun exposure, and age-related wear and tear. Broken or missing shingles expose your roof to further damage that can affect its structural stability. Your roof’s flashing protects the roof from water damage, leaks, and sun exposure. Flashing is found around the chimney, sky lights, ventilation pipes, and rooftop heating or cooling units. Damage to the roof’s flashing means that the seal can open up, increasing your chances of leaks, standing water, and mold and mildew growth. 


Roof shrinkage affects roofing materials exposed to high heat or constant sun. It is most common on roofing materials made of synthetic rubber. As heat and pressure cause the materials to shrink and weaken, they are pulled apart, causing cracking and tearing. Regular roofing inspections can uncover early warning signs of shrinkage. 

Clogged Gutters

Badly clogged gutters can cause serious roofing problems, necessitating costly roofing repairs over time. A clogged gutter will eventually cause water to back up into your roofing system, increasing your risk of rot and structural damage. The damage caused by standing water from clogged gutter backlogs may eventually require a full roof replacement. Cleaning your gutters regularly and installing gutter screens can reduce your risk of roof damage.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can significantly impact the structural stability of your roof. Strong or frequent storms, heavy winds, snow, and ice can all cause problems. Even mild storms, if they occur frequently throughout the year, can eventually degrade your shingles, flashing, gutters, and other structures. When snow accumulates and freezes, thaws, and freezes again, water can end up underneath your shingles. As this water freezes and expands, it can lift up and damage your shingles. Icicles and ice dams can also cause serious damage to your roofing structures. A seasonal roof inspection from an experienced roof contractor can detect any problems caused by storm damage. 

Trees, Shrubbery, and Other Nearby Structures

Nearby overhanging structures, like trees, shrubbery, power lines, and buildings, can also cause problems with your roof. They can slowly degrade your roof and cause problems with your shingles or flashing. Make sure that any overhanging structures are well-maintained and aren’t causing friction or other issues with your roofing. 

Pest Problems

Animal and pest infestations are another very common cause of roofing problems. Pests can get inside your chimneys and cause damage that extends into your home. They can also damage shingles, flashing, and rooftop HVAC units. Many pests can also cause serious damage to rooftop wiring, and to any wooden roof structures. 

Poor or No Maintenance

A lack of proper roof maintenance will cause significant problems over time. Regular roof inspections and roof repairs can catch problems before they become serious. A roof contractor can ensure that small problems don’t grow into larger, more expensive ones over the years. You should schedule at least one roof inspection per year; however, if you live in an area with unpredictable or harsh weather and/or extreme temperatures, you may consider seasonal roof inspections. 

Improper Roof Repairs or Installation

Poorly completed roof repairs or improper roof replacement can also cause problems. You should always use an experienced, licensed roof contractor for any inspections, roof repairs, and roof replacement services. 

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