Types of roofs in Harford County 

If you live in Harford County, you likely have an Asphalt Shingle roof.

Asphalt Shingles have a lifespan of 20-30 years, when installed properly by a qualified roofing contractor. Asphalt Shingle roofs are the best product on the market for a pitched roof when it comes to cost-to-value and weather resistance. Asphalt Shingles also come in a variety of colors and design options. If you are looking for asphalt shingle roofing in Harford County, then call us.


3 Tab Shingles are the most affordable type of Asphalt Roofing product. They are called 3 Tab Shingles because the individual pieces come in 3 tab pieces, with less styles and varieties compared to Architectural Shingles. 3 Tab Shingles are preferred for rental properties and homes with lower resale value. 3 Tab Shingles typically have a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years.


Architectural Shingles are the most popular and commonly installed type of shingles available on the market today. Architectural Shingles have a more dimensional appearance than 3 tab shingles and look like “shake” shingles when installed. Architectural Shingles are laminated with two layers and no stop gaps between the tabbings and thus have a longer manufacturer’s warranty, typically 30 years. They have a higher wind rating as well! Architectural Shingles are preferred by most homeowners to 3 Tab Shingles and will typically increase the resale value of your home. They are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

When it comes to your roofing needs, be it asphalt, rubber, or any type of roofing materials you can count on Harford Roofing & Exteriors to deliver. Apart from our roofing services, you may also rely on us for other property improvement services including but not limited to gutters and siding. Contact Us Today!